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1855-07-03, Daily Ohio Statesman, (Columbus), pl_012052016_1608_55313_199.pdf

This collection groups together roadsides, lithographs, and ephemera related to Pastrana's performances in the U.S. and Europe.

Contributors: Kathleen Godfrey

Audience Descriptions


This collection includes first hand descriptions written by audience members. One caveat: some of these may have been promotional blurbs rather than…

Changing the Narrative

Baltimore Sun, Marriage Brouhaha.pdf

This collection focuses on items that shift Pastrana's story away from the mythology created by promotional materials. It includes documents that…

Contributors: Kathleen Godfrey

Science and History

Lyrics, The Singular History of Julia Pastrana.doc copy.pdf

Pastrana was often marketed as being an important link between human and animal. Doctors conducted intrusive examinations of her body, writing letters…

Contributors: Kathleen Godfrey