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1855-10-22 (2), pl_012052016_1626_30538_946.pdf
Kneeland presents Pastrana and his examination of her to the Boston Society of Natural History. Quotes from Kneeland's report but also states that "the girl was present at this meeting of the Society, was freely and carefully examined. She was found…

Pastrana performing in Germany (possibly Berlin)

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Pastrana in a transparent skirt performing in Berlin

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Four views of Pastrana, three in dresses, one in sailor suit

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Pastrana in lacy white and pink skirt

Pastrana in ruffled pink and white skirt


Rose, Julia.doc
Poem narrated from the perspective of Pastrana who is pregnant with her child. She has a dream about her fate after her death and seeks reassurance from her husband.

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Curiosities of Natural History by Buckland.pdf
Reference to Mexico and Pedro Sanchez. On "exhibit" in Rifles' Armory Hall in Montgomery, Alabama.

The source uses a play on the word "bear" throughout. Lent registered a complaint to the Mobile News in an "insolent" manner. Lent fled the season but was picked up by the Deputy Marshall and imprisoned. Must appear before the mayor on the next day.
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