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Rose, Julia.doc
Poem narrated from the perspective of Pastrana who is pregnant with her child. She has a dream about her fate after her death and seeks reassurance from her husband.

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Pastrana courted, possibly in Russia

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Story of JP's Origins, First.pdf
Pastrana's arrival in Missouri on Flying Cloud, ship from New Orleans.

Trouble About A Hybrid.png
Magistrate questions Pastrana in response to the complaint J.W. Beach made about her marriage to Theodore Lent

Auction, 1853.pdf
Lent to hold auction at 80 Leonard Street. Included will be "the fixtures of a barroom and oyster saloon."

Auction Furniture (1a), 1852.pdf
Auction at 495 Broadway. List of furniture to be sold.

Lancet, 1857-08-01 .pdf
Two ads for a performance to benefit Mr. Jerrold

1857-07-18, WEDXBM495796135.pdf
"wonder of the world." Description. "Miss Julia is pleased when the ladies and gentlemen ask her questions, and examine her pretty whiskers, of which she is very proud"

1857-08-01, Leader, WWPMBE148255625.pdf
Pastrana performs at Regent Gallery, 11-1, 3-5, 8 p.m. Stalls, 3s.; Area, 2s.; Gallery, 1s. Multiple quotes from newspapers. M-W, "Will hold a Levee at the Beaumont Institute, Mile-end after the evening entertainment."

St James Medley.pdf
Description of Pastrana's person and performance in London
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