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A739 BerlinischeNachrichten_(HaudeSpener)_Do-05-11-1857_Nr-259_S-6_Julia_Pastrana.jpg
Account of Pastrana including summary of pamphlet, "The Singular History . . ." Critical of origin story the pamphlet presents. Description of Pastrana's body and her performance, including the detail that she plays the guitar.

Negative description of Pastrana who was performing at the Kroll's Establishment in Berlin.

Wikimedia, PSM_V04_D467_Julia_Pastrana.jpg
Profile, Julia Pastrana


1856-01-26, National Police Gazette (6), pl_012052016_1640_09506_540.pdf
Added details about marriage include that Lent and his brother "attended to the details of the exhibition."

1855-07-18 (p. 3), Plain Dealer, pl_012052016_1353_38836_514.pdf
Pastrana to appear in Cleveland, Ohio. Excerpts from promotional materials include description of Opate Indians and Pastrana's past in Mexico. Claim that Pastrana was mistreated. Beach started as her manager in February 1855 in New Orleans.

1855-09-18 (2, p. 4), Boston Herald,   pl_012052016_1244_03857_446.pdf
Negative reaction to Pastrana, "this singular and detestably ugly specimen of humanity." Doctors believe that "she belongs to a distinct species of the human family" (column 2).

1855-04-13, Eagle and Enquirer (3), pl_012052016_1255_32937_411.pdf
Opate Indians, doctors including Stone and Mott, Description, levees throughout day. (Column 3)

Auction, 1853.pdf
Lent to hold auction at 80 Leonard Street. Included will be "the fixtures of a barroom and oyster saloon."

1849-04-18, Lent vs. Hatfield.pdf
Yet another stage in the conflict between Lent and the Hatfields. In this one, Lent sues Elias Hatfield over the contents of a store on Broadway. (column 6)

1848-12-14, Perjury, T. Lent.pdf
Lent accused of offering note in the name of Theodore Hatfield to pay for a watch. He also used the name James Lentell when he signed the note over to the Christian Pfieffer. (column 6)
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