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Performance, Guadalajara 1.5).pdf
Bear Woman on exhibit in Guadalajara

Louisville KY Democrat  1855-09-15 Page1.pdf
Colloquial piece that compares looking at Pastrana with the biblical story of Susannah and the elder

Wilmington, %22humor%22.pdf
Pastrana arrived in Wilmington, NC on Valentine's Day. Questions how many Valentines she received. Play on words "bear witness" that she is "really a very queer looking person."

1855-07-18 (p. 3), Plain Dealer, pl_012052016_1353_38836_514.pdf
Pastrana to appear in Cleveland, Ohio. Excerpts from promotional materials include description of Opate Indians and Pastrana's past in Mexico. Claim that Pastrana was mistreated. Beach started as her manager in February 1855 in New Orleans.

Louisville KY Evening Bulletin 1855-05-16_3 (1).pdf
Response to Pastrana's performance in Chicago by editor of the Tribune. Describes performance in positive terms and includes details about gendered elements

Oswego Times & Journal July-Dec 1856 - 0169.PDF
Audience response to Pastrana: description and "is intelligent and converses freely."

New York Times, A Literary Curiosity.pdf
Column about publications in 1854 and 1855 with implicit critique of texts written by Americans. Rumors that Julia Pastrana is writing an autobiography that includes details about her father's rough behavior.


A Second Joice Heth II, mdp.39015062776011-91-1479922367.pdf
Brief discussion of P.T. Barnum and Mr. Boon (showman associated with Pastrana's performance in Massachusetts). Inclusion of Dr. Mott's letter--but specifies that it was written by the son of the more esteemed Dr. Mott.

Accident, Pittsfield Sun.pdf
Theodore Lent is driving a horse drawn carriage with family and friends. Lent loses control of the horses and the carriage overturns. All are injured.

Promotional pamphlet advertising Pastrana's performance in London
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