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1848-10-11, New York Herald (4), Embezzlement.pdf
Lent arrested for embezzling $100 from employer, Theodore Hatfield. Lent had been Hatfield's clerk but was discharged. He continued to collect money from Hatfield's client after being terminated.

Fraud and Brother (5), 1853.pdf
Follow up to story about Lent leasing to Juratreke reveals that she used the house as a brothel. D. Henry Haight, the owner of the property, gave affidavit that Lent did not have the right to rent the property. (column 5)

Rented to Brothel, 1853.pdf
Lent rented property to Sarah Burke who used it as a house of prostitution. The neighbors complained.

Fraud, 1853.pdf
Lent arrested on complaint from Bertha Juratreke who rented 74 Mercer Street from Lent. She said he rented the property to her for 2 years--however D. H. Haight was the actual owner of the property and Lent did not have his authority to rent it.

Auction (4), Mercer St 1853.pdf
Sale of furniture in house on Mercer Street (column 4)

Auction Furniture (1a), 1852.pdf
Auction at 495 Broadway. List of furniture to be sold.

1858-01-03 (1), Hungary, BL_0000053_18580103_037_0013.pdf
Pastrana performed with Circus Renz in Berlin; Pesth, Hungary; and Vienna.

The Lancet London, Google Books.pdf
Autopsy and embalming of Pastrana and child by J. Sokolov

1859-09 (6), Russia, BL_0000466_18591110_010_0002.pdf
Schamyl in Russia. Interview included. Wants to go to Cochetka where Pastrana is displayed.


1858-10-04 (2), Taganrog, BL_0001057_18581004_016_0002.pdf
Received letter that Alexandre Dumas and Julia Pastrana had arrived in Taganrog, Russia


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