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Fraud, 1853.pdf
Lent arrested on complaint from Bertha Juratreke who rented 74 Mercer Street from Lent. She said he rented the property to her for 2 years--however D. H. Haight was the actual owner of the property and Lent did not have his authority to rent it.

Austria (2), ONB_fig_18580103.pdf
Poem describing Pastrana

Berlin, kla1857-0204.pdf
Satiric response to Pastrana's performance at the Kroll establishment in Berlin.

1857-05-15, Philadelphia Inquirer, pl_012062016_1312_13014_9.pdf
Pastrana sings and dances in connection with a display of wax figures in Philadelphia. Brief description of appearance and performance. This represents her last performances in the United States.

Audience Response and Ad.pdf
Pastrana wins over someone who goes to expose the exhibit as a fraud.

The source uses a play on the word "bear" throughout. Lent registered a complaint to the Mobile News in an "insolent" manner. Lent fled the season but was picked up by the Deputy Marshall and imprisoned. Must appear before the mayor on the next day.

1849-04-18, Lent vs. Hatfield.pdf
Yet another stage in the conflict between Lent and the Hatfields. In this one, Lent sues Elias Hatfield over the contents of a store on Broadway. (column 6)

Austria, ONB_fdb_18580106.pdf
A man tells of reading two love letters from admirers that Pastrana shows him.


Austria, (4, 8), ONB_fdb_18580110.pdf
Julia's friendship with artist (probably Friederike Gossmann) as described by audience member. Response to previous article. (Page 4 with advertisement for performance on page 8)

Broadside includes an image (woodcut) of Pastrana and details about her performances. Red and blue on white background.
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