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Raleigh, full of fun.pdf
Pastrana's performance in Raleigh, NC. "She is talkative, good-natured, and quite intelligent--and full of fun and mischief. We advise all to see her."

Syracuse NY Daily Standard 1856-1856 - 0425.PDF
Pastrana described as "good natured and good hearted, fond of good living herself, and always ready to relieve those in need." Mention of donation to victims of fire in Toronto.

1855-10-22 (2), pl_012052016_1626_30538_946.pdf
Kneeland presents Pastrana and his examination of her to the Boston Society of Natural History. Quotes from Kneeland's report but also states that "the girl was present at this meeting of the Society, was freely and carefully examined. She was found…

Drawings of Marie Bartels, Theodore Lent's second wife, who performed under the name "Zenora Pastrana." These images echo a series of images of Julia Pastrana, reinforcing Lent's assertion that "Zenora" and Julia were sisters.

Bulletin de la Societe Imperiale des Naturalistes de Moscou, 33 (1860), uc1.b3090746-623-1479924427.pdf
Dr. Sokoloff gave a presentation about the mummification of Pastrana and her son.

Kneeland's Report 1855.pdf
Record of Pastrana's appearance at the Boston Society of Natural History. Includes text of Dr. Kneeland's report on his examination of Pastrana

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Photo from Russian physician Nikolai Mansurov’s Klinicheskiĭ sbornik po dermatologīi

Pastrana in a transparent skirt performing in Berlin

Pastrana in ruffled pink and white skirt


Pastrana in lacy white and pink skirt
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