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Accident, Pittsfield Sun.pdf
Theodore Lent is driving a horse drawn carriage with family and friends. Lent loses control of the horses and the carriage overturns. All are injured.

Mimiaga, La Voz del Norte article.pdf
Oral histories about Pastrana's origins and life in Mexico. Includes vital information about historical context.

A739 Eduard Jacobson 2.pdf
Biography of Eduard Jacobson, author of Der Curierte Meyer

1855? 3 pages.pdf
Promotional pamphlet intended to garner interest in Pastrana's performances. Includes letter from Dr. Alexander Mott.

Lancet, 1857-08-01 .pdf
Two ads for a performance to benefit Mr. Jerrold

Albion NY Orleans Republican 1854-1860 - 0335.pdf
Pastrana's "man" (Lent) claims to have chased Julia's mother in Mexico

Pastrana's embalmed body on display in a glass box at 191 Piccadilly in London. Her son's body is also represented.

St James Medley.pdf
Description of Pastrana's person and performance in London

Passport Application, Initial Inquiry.jpg
In one letter, Lent asks how he and "a naturalized citizen" can obtain a passport. In a second letter, Theodore and Samuel E. Lent take an oath about the true identities of Theodore and "his ward," Julia Pastrana
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