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1848-10-11, New York Herald (4), Embezzlement.pdf
Lent arrested for embezzling $100 from employer, Theodore Hatfield. Lent had been Hatfield's clerk but was discharged. He continued to collect money from Hatfield's client after being terminated.

Charles Lent.pdf
In 1860, Charles Lent's stables burned down, destroying "eighty horses, two omnibuses, several sets of harnesses, and a quantity of feed." 41 horses were saved but Lent estimated his losses at approximately $10,000.

New York NY Herald 1854 - 2512.pdf
Long account of Pastrana's origins in Mexico. Woman disappears and is found two years later with a child. Held captive by bear who dies dramatically when the woman is rescued.

Auction (4), Mercer St 1853.pdf
Sale of furniture in house on Mercer Street (column 4)

47752375 (1).pdf
Four views of Pastrana, three in dresses, one in sailor suit

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1858-10-04 (2), Taganrog, BL_0001057_18581004_016_0002.pdf
Received letter that Alexandre Dumas and Julia Pastrana had arrived in Taganrog, Russia


Albion NY Orleans Republican 1854-1860 - 0335.pdf
Pastrana's "man" (Lent) claims to have chased Julia's mother in Mexico

Gossmann, Friederike 2.jpg
Image of Pastrana's friend, actress Friederike Gossmann

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New York NY Herald 1854 - 2592.pdf
Pastrana not named. "Mysterious link." Emphasis on "hideous" appearance
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