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Wilmington, %22humor%22.pdf
Pastrana arrived in Wilmington, NC on Valentine's Day. Questions how many Valentines she received. Play on words "bear witness" that she is "really a very queer looking person."

Raleigh, full of fun.pdf
Pastrana's performance in Raleigh, NC. "She is talkative, good-natured, and quite intelligent--and full of fun and mischief. We advise all to see her."

Audience Response and Ad.pdf
Pastrana wins over someone who goes to expose the exhibit as a fraud.

Story of JP's Origins, First.pdf
Pastrana's arrival in Missouri on Flying Cloud, ship from New Orleans.

New York NY Herald 1854 - 2720.pdf
Pastrana's performance extended one more day by popular demand. Pastrana not named but this description included: "her natural vivacity, sweet voice, urbanity and bashfulness charm the fair sex while hosts of scientific and medical men arrive daily…

New York NY Herald 1854 - 2712.pdf
Pastrana not named in ad that calls her "it" and "a link between mankind and the ourang outang."

New York NY Herald 1854 - 2592.pdf
Pastrana not named. "Mysterious link." Emphasis on "hideous" appearance

New York NY Herald 1854 - 2512.pdf
Long account of Pastrana's origins in Mexico. Woman disappears and is found two years later with a child. Held captive by bear who dies dramatically when the woman is rescued.

Albany NY Argus 1855 - 0762, Negative.pdf
Pastrana's performances completed. Strong language about how repugnant this viewer found Pastrana's appearance.

Albany NY Argus 1855 - 0750, Negative.pdf
Negative response to JP's performance--"ensure disgust"
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