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Kneeland's Report 1855.pdf
Record of Pastrana's appearance at the Boston Society of Natural History. Includes text of Dr. Kneeland's report on his examination of Pastrana

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Broadside, Eagle Hall.pdf
Broadside of Pastrana's performance at Eagle Hall in Ogdensburgh, NY with daguerrotype

Passport Application, Initial Inquiry.jpg
In one letter, Lent asks how he and "a naturalized citizen" can obtain a passport. In a second letter, Theodore and Samuel E. Lent take an oath about the true identities of Theodore and "his ward," Julia Pastrana

Gossmann, Friederike 2.jpg
Image of Pastrana's friend, actress Friederike Gossmann

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Image of Pastrana from her time in Russia

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Drawings of Marie Bartels, Theodore Lent's second wife, who performed under the name "Zenora Pastrana." These images echo a series of images of Julia Pastrana, reinforcing Lent's assertion that "Zenora" and Julia were sisters.

Neue Preussische Zeitung.pdf
Police in Hamburg will not allow Pastrana to perform in that city


Performance, Mexico.png
the "Bear Woman" appears in Guadalajara

Performance, Guadalajara 1.5).pdf
Bear Woman on exhibit in Guadalajara
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