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Russia, Paranormal News.jpg
Pastrana courted possibly by Englishman Roger Burke.
OCLC, WorldCat summary: "Bearded woman on left holding a flower stands facing a very tall man with gigantic stomach on right; between them a smaller image of the man balances on a scale with a…

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Berlin, kla1857-0204.pdf
Satiric response to Pastrana's performance at the Kroll establishment in Berlin.

A 1857-11-05 (p.3), Volks Beitung (Der Curierte Meier).png
Advertisement for Pastrana's performance in Der Curirte Meyer, a play written by "Jacobson"

E 1857-11-08, Neue Preukische Zeitung, No. 262 p. 3, Der Curierte Meier.png
Der Curirte Meyer halted, but Pastrana can still perform on a smaller stage

C 1857-11-08, Neue Preukische Zeitung, No. 262 (p.4).png
Pastrana's performances after Der Curirte Meyer shut down by police.

Austria, ONB_apr_18571229.pdf
Dramatic entrance of Pastrana, description of performance, and audience reaction

Mimiaga, La Voz del Norte article.pdf
Oral histories about Pastrana's origins and life in Mexico. Includes vital information about historical context.

Julia_Pastrana,_a_bearded_lady._Reproduction_of_a_photograph_Wellcome_V0007256 (1).jpg
Julia Pastrana's embalmed body

Ad for Julia Pastrana's performance in Worcester, Massachusetts

Early ad for Julia Pastrana
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