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1856-01-26, National Police Gazette (6), pl_012052016_1640_09506_540.pdf
Added details about marriage include that Lent and his brother "attended to the details of the exhibition."

Buffalo NY Daily Courier 1855 - 1856 Grayscale - 0070.pdf
Marriage of Pastrana and Lent. Includes detail that Theodore and his brother "were to have been exhibited with her."

A739 Eduard Jacobson 2.pdf
Biography of Eduard Jacobson, author of Der Curierte Meyer

A739 Eduard Jacobson.pdf
Biography of Eduard Jacobson, comic poet, author of Der Curierte Meyer


Performance, Guadalajara 1.5).pdf
Bear Woman on exhibit in Guadalajara

Passport Application, Initial Inquiry.jpg
In one letter, Lent asks how he and "a naturalized citizen" can obtain a passport. In a second letter, Theodore and Samuel E. Lent take an oath about the true identities of Theodore and "his ward," Julia Pastrana

A 1857-11-05 (p.3), Volks Beitung (Der Curierte Meier).png
Advertisement for Pastrana's performance in Der Curirte Meyer, a play written by "Jacobson"

E 1857-11-08, Neue Preukische Zeitung, No. 262 p. 3, Der Curierte Meier.png
Der Curirte Meyer halted, but Pastrana can still perform on a smaller stage

C 1857-11-08, Neue Preukische Zeitung, No. 262 (p.4).png
Pastrana's performances after Der Curirte Meyer shut down by police.

Mimiaga, La Voz del Norte article.pdf
Oral histories about Pastrana's origins and life in Mexico. Includes vital information about historical context.
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