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1855-07-18 (p. 3), Plain Dealer, pl_012052016_1353_38836_514.pdf
Pastrana to appear in Cleveland, Ohio. Excerpts from promotional materials include description of Opate Indians and Pastrana's past in Mexico. Claim that Pastrana was mistreated. Beach started as her manager in February 1855 in New Orleans.

Performance, Guadalajara 1.5).pdf
Bear Woman on exhibit in Guadalajara

Performance, Mexico.png
the "Bear Woman" appears in Guadalajara

Mimiaga, La Voz del Norte article.pdf
Oral histories about Pastrana's origins and life in Mexico. Includes vital information about historical context.

Voyage to New Orleans.png
Departure (towards New Orleans) of S. S. Orizaba (misspelled as Orizava) from Veracruz on Oct. 25, 1854 lists as passengers: Miguel Retes y familia, Francisco Sepúlveda. These were the men that Pastrana traveled to the U.S. with, so this is likely…
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