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Oswego Times & Journal July-Dec 1856 - 0169.PDF
Audience response to Pastrana: description and "is intelligent and converses freely."

Albion NY Orleans Republican 1854-1860 - 0335.pdf
Pastrana's "man" (Lent) claims to have chased Julia's mother in Mexico

New York NY Herald 1854 - 2592.pdf
Pastrana not named. "Mysterious link." Emphasis on "hideous" appearance

Broadside, Eagle Hall.pdf
Broadside of Pastrana's performance at Eagle Hall in Ogdensburgh, NY with daguerrotype

1855? 3 pages.pdf
Promotional pamphlet intended to garner interest in Pastrana's performances. Includes letter from Dr. Alexander Mott.

New York NY Herald 1854 - 2712.pdf
Pastrana not named in ad that calls her "it" and "a link between mankind and the ourang outang."

Albany NY Argus 1855 - 0750.pdf
Performance. Placard: "Bear Woman and No Humbug--Great Curiosity"

Albany NY Argus 1855 - 0750, Negative.pdf
Negative response to JP's performance--"ensure disgust"

Albany NY Argus 1855 - 0762, Negative.pdf
Pastrana's performances completed. Strong language about how repugnant this viewer found Pastrana's appearance.

Syracuse NY Daily Standard 1856-1856 - 0425.PDF
Pastrana described as "good natured and good hearted, fond of good living herself, and always ready to relieve those in need." Mention of donation to victims of fire in Toronto.
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