Julia Pastrana, misnomered the Bear Woman

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Julia Pastrana, misnomered the Bear Woman


Reaction to Pastrana's performance in Baton Rouge, LA


In columns 1 and 2, virulent criticism of interest in Pastrana. The author argues the performances should be stopped--and the newspaper agrees.


Bottle G. Jones


Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA





Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers. Lib. of Congress.


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We would "puff" this rather noted individual, if our occasional contributor, B. G. Jones Esq, had not anticipated our sentiment and performed the labor for us. The "Bear Woman" may be seen, over the Restaurant of Stephen Basalisco on Florida street.

Comet. —Humbuggery—naked and transparent is the order .of the day — This is not confined to particular persons, places, or things-—'tis to lie met with every where, high places and low ; it has even invaded the sanctuary of religion, so a man is not far wrong when he makes a sweeping denunciation, and declares "all humbuggery, himself concluded. Such being the fact; do you know Comet, who, I (Bottle O. Jones) conceive to be the greatest man alive—great in all the elements of popular greatness—greater than all the great men in Livingston's Law Magazine? If you do not, ; I will confidentially tell you, and recommend him to your consideration, as a model to pattern after. That man is Phineas Thompson Barnum, the author of Tom Thumb, the Bearded Lady, etc.
The Bear Woman being in town calls me out from the seclusion of my philosophy , based as it is, upon the “Cosmos” of Humboldt and the “Vestiges of Creation.” If the progressive development theory, be not true, then science—which is based upon the intelligence of human reason, is false. If I believe in anything, apart from "most excellent cherries" it is, that man has come to be a bi-ped from an all four position, and is the offspring of some more h«nexf, if not
more intelligent animal. To prove this, I should like to be able to refer to “Miss Julia Pastrana misnomered as the small bills say, the Bear Woman," or to the Bearded Woman: of Barnum ; or the wild men of Borneo.—But sir, this cannot be done: monstrosities and dwarfs are as common in animal as in vegetable life ; and the
physiologist who would point to them, as "hybrids" is—to Use vulgar English "a fool." The getter up of this miserable humbug—beastlv and disgusting as it is, of the "Bear Woman" has no more right to call her so, than we have to go look up any ugly looking feline of the feminine gender, and call it a male Giraffe.
If there were not a general laxity, in human society—a "giving way" and wearing out of "screws” I should say that it is high time a stop was put to exhibitions of fat women, short men and ugly looking vermine debased enough to expose their persons to the vulgar gaze. There is however a taste in the community, for such shows, and why should there be unavailable complaint on the part of your much
wronged admirer.
Bottle G. Jones.

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Bottle G. Jones, “Julia Pastrana, misnomered the Bear Woman,” Julia Pastrana Online, accessed June 20, 2021, http://juliapastranaonline.com/items/show/8.

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