Continuation from Leipzig

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Continuation from Leipzig


Report to Edgefield, SC newspaper about Leipzig, Germany


J.T.B. recounts what he sees in Leipzig, including the performances of Pastrana. Emphasis on the German fascination with the strangeness of her appearance (and other performers).




University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC




Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers. Lib. of Congress.


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For the Advertiser.
LEIPSIC, May 1st, 1858.

Charging round lately among the wonders of the before mentioned Fair, I said to myself, "if certain Edgefield people who have in them a spice of the devil (are any entirely free?) were only here. How they would shout with laughter." Pardon, friends beloved! - In imputing to you a slight leaven of the "old enemy," I dont mean to be in the most shadowy degree disrespectful; so far from it, I consider a leetle of the said leaven actually necessary. Upon a certain square in Leipsic at present, you can see spread out before you like a map, the most comic of all Comic Almanacs-one in which the figures live and breathe. Let me, for pure fun, give you an abridged lie of the sights. And as in duty bound, I give the first place to my fair countrywoman, "Miss Julia Pastrana, the Bear Woman, from the American Desert." This most revolting, hideous, baboonish female is creating in Europe a positive excitement. Here, she appears very elegantly dressed, frightfully decollete as regards both neck and legs, and entertains the audience with English and Spanish songs,
the Cachuca and the Highland Fling. The great bard has said
" Naught so vile that on the earth doth live,
But to the earth some special good doth give."
Now what Miss Pastrama's "special good" is, I cant-see; she has however an exquisite foot and ankle, and perhaps is fulfilling her destiny in showing the Germans what they cant see at home. Next, " The White Maidens from Central America," two remarkable Albinos, with faultless complexions, bright pink
yes, and beautiful long snow white hair. They are also musical, and come out armed with guitars. "The Dark Man out of the Forests of Africa," who is no more nor less than a "likely fellow," for whom I think they are also indebted to America. He slows
in "Georgia summer dress," with the addition of rings through his nose and ears. His performances consist of maneuvres with bow, arrows did club, but the hoe would come much more natural to him, for I am sure he has escaped out of our midst. Can the Fugitive Slave Law be pushed as far as this? " The Miraculous Boy," who in a mesmeric state sees into the future as far, perhaps, as the other end of the Millenium, but who is in reality an idiot and cant tell his name. " The Prophet Horses," a pair of stunted beasts, that sit upon their haunches, gaze round upon
the bystanders, shuffle cards with their mouths, and predict future events as infallibly as Mad. S., of C." The le Horse," a much to be pitied creature, that by some means or other has been entirely deprived of hair and polished like a mahogany table. But the most ludicrous of all is "Murphy, the largest Swine in the world, 21 years old and weighing 1048 lbs!" This dainty thing has blue ribands in his ears and a broad aureingle of gold lace around his middle man. I particularly recommend this style of costume to the Exhibitors of cattle at our Edgefield Fair next fall. What a sensation "Murphy" would create upon that occasion ! The number and variety of gifted and accomplished Apes is much too numerous for detail. Last but by no means least, comes the couple of Elephants, "Jack and Jenny." Their Bude is thronged with enraptured gazers from morning till night, and often can be seen among the audience, individuals of both sexes, whom the. Elephants might well regard as formidable rivals. The feats and exploits of these graceful quadrupeds arc really entertaining. Each one in this array of monsters, two legged and four legged, has a separate tent.

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J.T.B., “Continuation from Leipzig,” Julia Pastrana Online, accessed February 27, 2021,

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