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This collection groups together broadsides, lithographs, and ephemera related to Pastrana's performances in the U.S. and Europe.


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The Bear Woman
Pastrana performing in Ambos Hall. References Mott's report and Pastrana as "the lowest link of humanity and the highest order of brutes." Also mentions Sepulveda with wordplay involving "hug" and "humbugging."

Bear Woman! Bear Woman!
Pastrana sings and dances in connection with a display of wax figures in Philadelphia. Brief description of appearance and performance. This represents her last performances in the United States.

Opate Indian
Performance in Springfield, IL includes image by Stevens not seen in other ads

The Nondescript
"wonder of the world." Description. "Miss Julia is pleased when the ladies and gentlemen ask her questions, and examine her pretty whiskers, of which she is very proud"

The Nondescript
Pastrana performs at Regent Gallery, 11-1, 3-5, 8 p.m. Stalls, 3s.; Area, 2s.; Gallery, 1s. Multiple quotes from newspapers. M-W, "Will hold a Levee at the Beaumont Institute, Mile-end after the evening entertainment."

Bear Woman! The Wonder of the Age
Pastrana wins over someone who goes to expose the exhibit as a fraud.

Last Day of the Hybrid's Appearance at Gothic Hall
Pastrana not named in ad that calls her "it" and "a link between mankind and the ourang outang."

Gothic Hall
Pastrana not named. "Mysterious link." Emphasis on "hideous" appearance

The Hybrid, or Semi-Human Indian
Performance. "Ladies (not enciente) are delighted with the Hybrid's gentleness and modesty. No monster ever possessed either sentiment or speech"

Half Human-Half Beast, the Misnomered Bear Woman, Julia Pastrana
Broadside of Pastrana's performance at Eagle Hall in Ogdensburgh, NY with daguerrotype
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