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Auction Furniture (1a), 1852.pdf
Auction at 495 Broadway. List of furniture to be sold.

This document uses information from New York City directories and the U.S. Census of 1850 to identify which Theodore Lent married Julia Pastrana, determine his relationships with family members, and posit which newspaper stories were about Pastrana's…

06_ Wieczorkiewicz.pdf
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1858-01-03 (1), Hungary, BL_0000053_18580103_037_0013.pdf
Pastrana performed with Circus Renz in Berlin; Pesth, Hungary; and Vienna.

World Cat, 1888.pdf
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The Lancet London, Google Books.pdf
Autopsy and embalming of Pastrana and child by J. Sokolov

1859-09 (6), Russia, BL_0000466_18591110_010_0002.pdf
Schamyl in Russia. Interview included. Wants to go to Cochetka where Pastrana is displayed.


1858-10-04 (2), Taganrog, BL_0001057_18581004_016_0002.pdf
Received letter that Alexandre Dumas and Julia Pastrana had arrived in Taganrog, Russia


Buffalo NY Daily Courier 1855 - 1856 Grayscale - 0070.pdf
Marriage of Pastrana and Lent. Includes detail that Theodore and his brother "were to have been exhibited with her."

Charles Lent.pdf
In 1860, Charles Lent's stables burned down, destroying "eighty horses, two omnibuses, several sets of harnesses, and a quantity of feed." 41 horses were saved but Lent estimated his losses at approximately $10,000.
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