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Negative description of Pastrana who was performing at the Kroll's Establishment in Berlin.

1855-09-18 (2, p. 4), Boston Herald,   pl_012052016_1244_03857_446.pdf
Negative reaction to Pastrana, "this singular and detestably ugly specimen of humanity." Doctors believe that "she belongs to a distinct species of the human family" (column 2).

1855-04-13, Eagle and Enquirer (3), pl_012052016_1255_32937_411.pdf
Opate Indians, doctors including Stone and Mott, Description, levees throughout day. (Column 3)

San Antonio Texan (San Antonio, Tex.), Vol. 8, No. 3, Ed. 1 Thursday, November 1, 1855 -The Portal to Texas History.pdf
Interaction between Lent and audience member. They make a bet and the audience member tells a story about seeing another Bear Woman.

Revue britannique, Revue internationale reproduisant ... 1857-t.2, coo.31924066393376-117-1479930959.pdf
Seeing Pastrana in London

Harrisburg, PA, 1857-04-22.pdf
Saw in Harrisburg, Digger Indian story apocryphal, bearish, racist language), "Dances gracefully" and singing characterized as "operatic peacock order."

Raleigh, full of fun.pdf
Pastrana's performance in Raleigh, NC. "She is talkative, good-natured, and quite intelligent--and full of fun and mischief. We advise all to see her."

Albany NY Argus 1855 - 0762, Negative.pdf
Pastrana's performances completed. Strong language about how repugnant this viewer found Pastrana's appearance.

Albany NY Argus 1855 - 0750, Negative.pdf
Negative response to JP's performance--"ensure disgust"

Syracuse NY Daily Standard 1856-1856 - 0425.PDF
Pastrana described as "good natured and good hearted, fond of good living herself, and always ready to relieve those in need." Mention of donation to victims of fire in Toronto.
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