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1856 08 26, New York Herald, 7301, p. 2, 1.png
"Sisinka" describes her travels, including details (in the last paragraph) about seeing Julia Pastrana perform in Toronto

Baton Rouge.pdf
In columns 1 and 2, virulent criticism of interest in Pastrana. The author argues the performances should be stopped--and the newspaper agrees.

J.T.B. recounts what he sees in Leipzig, including the performances of Pastrana. Emphasis on the German fascination with the strangeness of her appearance (and other performers).

Albion NY Orleans Republican 1854-1860 - 0335.pdf
Pastrana's "man" (Lent) claims to have chased Julia's mother in Mexico

Austria, (4, 8), ONB_fdb_18580110.pdf
Julia's friendship with artist (probably Friederike Gossmann) as described by audience member. Response to previous article. (Page 4 with advertisement for performance on page 8)

Berlin, kla1857-0204.pdf
Satiric response to Pastrana's performance at the Kroll establishment in Berlin.

Oswego Times & Journal July-Dec 1856 - 0169.PDF
Audience response to Pastrana: description and "is intelligent and converses freely."

Syracuse NY Daily Standard 1856-1856 - 0425.PDF
Pastrana described as "good natured and good hearted, fond of good living herself, and always ready to relieve those in need." Mention of donation to victims of fire in Toronto.

Albany NY Argus 1855 - 0750, Negative.pdf
Negative response to JP's performance--"ensure disgust"
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