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Baton Rouge.pdf
In columns 1 and 2, virulent criticism of interest in Pastrana. The author argues the performances should be stopped--and the newspaper agrees.

Austria (4), ONB_hum_18571231.pdf
Audience response to Pastrana

Austria, ONB_apr_18571229.pdf
Audience description of Pastrana's performance with Circus Renz

Austria (2), ONB_fig_18580103.pdf
Poem describing Pastrana

Austria, (5-8?), ONB_fdb_18580110.pdf
Audience reaction to Pastrana.

Austria (5), ONB_fdb_18580206.pdf
Negative review of Pastrana's performance

Austria, ONB_ibn_18580128.pdf
Pastrana in Innsbruck

J.T.B. recounts what he sees in Leipzig, including the performances of Pastrana. Emphasis on the German fascination with the strangeness of her appearance (and other performers).

Romania, ONB_kro_18571114.pdf
Pastrana's Appearance in Berlin
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