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Russia, Paranormal News.jpg
Pastrana courted possibly by Englishman Roger Burke.
OCLC, WorldCat summary: "Bearded woman on left holding a flower stands facing a very tall man with gigantic stomach on right; between them a smaller image of the man balances on a scale with a…

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Russian Carriage Ride.JPG
Pastrana is seated in a carriage driven by one man with two men standing in back of her. Rather than horses, three men pull the carriage and two additional men seem to be emerging from the smoke of a chimney. Pastrana wears a red dress and hat and is…

1858-10-04 (2), Taganrog, BL_0001057_18581004_016_0002.pdf
Received letter that Alexandre Dumas and Julia Pastrana had arrived in Taganrog, Russia


The Lancet London, Google Books.pdf
Autopsy and embalming of Pastrana and child by J. Sokolov

Image of Pastrana from her time in Russia

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Photo from Russian physician Nikolai Mansurov’s Klinicheskiĭ sbornik po dermatologīi

Bulletin de la Societe Imperiale des Naturalistes de Moscou, 33 (1860), uc1.b3090746-623-1479924427.pdf
Dr. Sokoloff gave a presentation about the mummification of Pastrana and her son.

1859-09 (6), Russia, BL_0000466_18591110_010_0002.pdf
Schamyl in Russia. Interview included. Wants to go to Cochetka where Pastrana is displayed.


Pastrana courted, possibly in Russia

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