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Albion NY Orleans Republican 1854-1860 - 0335.pdf
Pastrana's "man" (Lent) claims to have chased Julia's mother in Mexico

Voyage to New Orleans.png
Departure (towards New Orleans) of S. S. Orizaba (misspelled as Orizava) from Veracruz on Oct. 25, 1854 lists as passengers: Miguel Retes y familia, Francisco Sepúlveda. These were the men that Pastrana traveled to the U.S. with, so this is likely…

Accident, Pittsfield Sun.pdf
Theodore Lent is driving a horse drawn carriage with family and friends. Lent loses control of the horses and the carriage overturns. All are injured.

Press lunch with Pastrana, London and Audience Reaction

Austria, (4, 8), ONB_fdb_18580110.pdf
Julia's friendship with artist (probably Friederike Gossmann) as described by audience member. Response to previous article. (Page 4 with advertisement for performance on page 8)

Julia Photograph.jpg
a retouched daguerrotype of Julia Pastrana

Wikimedia, Julia_Pastrana Dancer.JPG
Pastrana in dance pose

Early image of Julia Pastrana

Julia Pastrana.jpg
Julia Pastrana image

Early ad for Julia Pastrana
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