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Austria (4), ONB_hum_18571231.pdf
Audience response to Pastrana

Louisville KY Democrat  1855-09-15 Page1.pdf
Colloquial piece that compares looking at Pastrana with the biblical story of Susannah and the elder

Russian Carriage Ride.JPG
Pastrana is seated in a carriage driven by one man with two men standing in back of her. Rather than horses, three men pull the carriage and two additional men seem to be emerging from the smoke of a chimney. Pastrana wears a red dress and hat and is…

J.T.B. recounts what he sees in Leipzig, including the performances of Pastrana. Emphasis on the German fascination with the strangeness of her appearance (and other performers).

Harrisburg, PA, 1857-04-22.pdf
Saw in Harrisburg, Digger Indian story apocryphal, bearish, racist language), "Dances gracefully" and singing characterized as "operatic peacock order."

Baton Rouge.pdf
In columns 1 and 2, virulent criticism of interest in Pastrana. The author argues the performances should be stopped--and the newspaper agrees.
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