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1855-07-03, Daily Ohio Statesman, (Columbus), pl_012052016_1608_55313_199.pdf
Pastrana performing in Ambos Hall. References Mott's report and Pastrana as "the lowest link of humanity and the highest order of brutes." Also mentions Sepulveda with wordplay involving "hug" and "humbugging."

Berlin, kla1857-12-24, hvd.32044098611130-240-1479919108.pdf
"Comic" image of Pastrana in Berlin

Wilmington, %22humor%22.pdf
Pastrana arrived in Wilmington, NC on Valentine's Day. Questions how many Valentines she received. Play on words "bear witness" that she is "really a very queer looking person."

Louisville KY Democrat  1855-09-15 Page1.pdf
Colloquial piece that compares looking at Pastrana with the biblical story of Susannah and the elder
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