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Early ad for Julia Pastrana

Early image of Julia Pastrana

Press lunch with Pastrana, London and Audience Reaction

Albany NY Argus 1855 - 0750.pdf
Performance. Placard: "Bear Woman and No Humbug--Great Curiosity"

Austria (5), ONB_fdb_18580206.pdf
Negative review of Pastrana's performance

Austria, ONB_apr_18571229.pdf
Audience description of Pastrana's performance with Circus Renz

Austria (4), ONB_hum_18571231.pdf
Audience response to Pastrana

Austria, (5-8?), ONB_fdb_18580110.pdf
Audience reaction to Pastrana.

Austria, ONB_fdb_18580109.pdf
Blurb and Ad for Circus Renz Performance

Austria, ONB_mtk_18580511.pdf
Pastrana in Leipzig
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