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Julia Interview Gartenlaube 1857.pdf
Description of physical appearance and interview with Pastrana.

Austria, ONB_apr_18571229.pdf
Audience description of Pastrana's performance with Circus Renz

World Cat, 1888.pdf
(needs translation)

Pastrana in lacy white and pink skirt

Promotional pamphlet advertising Pastrana's performance in London

Voyage to New Orleans.png
Departure (towards New Orleans) of S. S. Orizaba (misspelled as Orizava) from Veracruz on Oct. 25, 1854 lists as passengers: Miguel Retes y familia, Francisco Sepúlveda. These were the men that Pastrana traveled to the U.S. with, so this is likely…

Austria (2), ONB_fig_18580103.pdf
Poem describing Pastrana

Austria, ONB_fdb_18580109.pdf
Blurb and Ad for Circus Renz Performance

Austria, ONB_fdb_18580106.pdf
A man tells of reading two love letters from admirers that Pastrana shows him.


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