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Russian Carriage Ride.JPG
Pastrana is seated in a carriage driven by one man with two men standing in back of her. Rather than horses, three men pull the carriage and two additional men seem to be emerging from the smoke of a chimney. Pastrana wears a red dress and hat and is…

1848-12-14, Perjury, T. Lent.pdf
Lent accused of offering note in the name of Theodore Hatfield to pay for a watch. He also used the name James Lentell when he signed the note over to the Christian Pfieffer. (column 6)

Austria, ONB_fdb_18580109.pdf
Blurb and Ad for Circus Renz Performance

J.T.B. recounts what he sees in Leipzig, including the performances of Pastrana. Emphasis on the German fascination with the strangeness of her appearance (and other performers).

Harrisburg, PA, 1857-04-22.pdf
Saw in Harrisburg, Digger Indian story apocryphal, bearish, racist language), "Dances gracefully" and singing characterized as "operatic peacock order."

Austria, ONB_mtk_18580511.pdf
Pastrana in Leipzig

Southern Medical and Surgical Journal, 12.1,1856, p. 1, mdp.39015018395189-255-1479923665.pdf
Quotes from pamphlet, Dr. Mott, and Dr. Brainerd, Questions term "hybrid," description of physical appearance. Concludes: "there is nothing uncommon in her person nor in her gait."

A739 Eduard Jacobson 2.pdf
Biography of Eduard Jacobson, author of Der Curierte Meyer

Wikimedia, Julia_Pastrana Dancer.JPG
Pastrana in dance pose
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